Overview of CASA Volunteer Advocates

CASA of Brown County Volunteer Advocate Application

CASA of Brown County Volunteer Advocate Job Description

Our next Advocate Training begins on March 1, 2016! Contact Taylor for more information: taylor@casabc.org or 920-437-2272 ext.108


To advocate for children who come to the attention of the courts because of abuse or neglect.


  1. Must be 21 years or older.
  2. Must pass all screening procedures that include a written application, personal interview, reference check, and criminal records check.
  3. Must have sufficient time available to commit to one year of involvement.


  1. Respect a child’s inherent right to grow up with dignity in a safe environment that meets that child’s best interest.
  2. Ensure that the child’s best interests are represented at every stage of the case.
  3. Successfully complete all initial and on-going training.
  4. Report any new incidents of child abuse or neglect to appropriate authorities.
  5. Review all records pertaining to the child.
  6. Maintain weekly contacts with the child and have regular contacts with all collaterals (i.e. social workers, AODA staff, school personnel, mental health providers, etc.)
  7. Provide written monthly reports in a timely and appropriate manner to the CASA Advocate Supervisor.
  8. Confer with the CASA Advocate Supervisor to keep them apprised of the child’s status or need for change when necessary.
  9. Attend all court hearings and staff meetings pertaining to the child.
  10. Maintain all standards of confidentiality in relation to the case.
  11. Exhibit professionalism in behavior and appearance.
  12. Refrain from providing direct services to any parties that could lead to a conflict of interest or potential liability, or cause a child or family to become dependent on the CASA Advocate for services that should be provided by other agencies or organizations.


A CASA volunteer Advocate completes a minimum of 40 hours of initial training, six additional hours of reading and observes four hours of court proceedings.  12 hours of in-service training are required each year after the first year of service.


A CASA volunteer Advocate will be supervised by the Advocate Supervisor and/or Program Manager for the duration of the case.

Volunteer Advocate Application:

Download the CASA of Brown County volunteer Advocate Application Packet here.