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The goal of Fostering Futures is to provide CASA youth who are ages 12 to 18 with the tools necessary to successfully transition to independence and realize their full potential.

Active Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

volunteers who have completed additional training help to  implement this program. 


1. Rights as a youth living under court supervision

2. Educational advancement

3. Honoring and respecting culture

4. Employment 

5. Life skills 

6. Transportation 

7. Supportive relationships and community resources 

8. Financial literacy and security 

9. Transition plan (17+)

Program Components

1. Current CASA volunteers complete additional Fostering Futures training and work with youth to implement the program.

2. A Youth Needs Survey is completed once at beginning of program.

3. A Youth Snapshot is completed at the beginning of the program, at 6 months, and again at 12 months.


4. A Possible Selves/Vision Board is developed to help youth create a visual representation of their goals and dreams.

5. Fostering Futures youth participate in activities throughout the year to help develop important skills and explore educational and career opportunities.

6. Roadmaps are created to help youth reach their goals.

For more information on the Fostering Futures program, contact

Youth Director Taylor Connell at (920) 430-0089.

CASA youth enrolled in our Fostering Futures program recently created this heartfelt video about their experience and the life-changing support their CASA volunteers provide:

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