The stories below show the lasting impact a CASA volunteer has on the life of a child in need. 

Together, we are making a difference!


Sarah was 7 years old when she was removed from her mother's home. Sarah's CASA volunteer visited her every week. During their time together, Sarah wrote to the judge in a notebook to let him know how she was doing. They also read books and Sarah would tell her CASA volunteer that she wanted to live with her father. After spending a year in foster care, Sarah was reunified with her father.

The CASA volunteer spent two years with Sarah until the court case closed. On their last visit, the CASA volunteer brought along a cake and the book series that they had read together. Sarah and her father expressed heartfelt goodbyes with tears in their eyes. As her CASA volunteer was leaving, Sarah ran outside, wrapped her arms around her CASA volunteer, and said "I'll love you forever!"


James was 2 years old when he was first removed from his mother's home. His mother had experienced trauma in her life and became pregnant in foster care. The CASA volunteer visited James for two years while he was in his mother's home and also in foster care after several reunification attempts with his mother.

During all of the transitions, his CASA volunteer was always there for James. They danced, read and played together. James was reunified with his mother again. As the court case closed, his CASA volunteer saw positive changes in the mother's relationship with James. James was thriving and they were surrounded by supportive friends. James called his CASA volunteer his "best friend."


Jake was removed from his mother's care when he was 14 years old. He spent two and a half years in foster care. After attempts to return to his mother's care were unsuccessful, the process of reunification with his father began. Jake had not seen his father since he was six years old. Jake's CASA volunteer stayed by his side as he transitioned to living with his father.
When Jake first met his CASA volunteer, he was quiet and kept to himself. Their relationship became stronger as they continued to spend time together. Jake started thinking about his future. His CASA volunteer encouraged him to get involved in youth activities. He would say to his CASA volunteer, "Just make me go to these events because I really need it." Jake's schoolwork improved and he started a job. His CASA volunteer, who was there for him for three and a half years, made a big impact on his life!

*The names of the children in the stories above have been changed to protect confidentiality.
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